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The highly anticipated Roadshow in Hong Kong, hosted by three prominent Hong Kong Agency Partners on May 18 and 19, 2024, successfully introduced the Arbor View project by Ellington Properties to a captivated audience of potential investors. The event, designed to showcase lucrative investment opportunities in Dubai’s burgeoning real estate market, attracted more than 500 enthusiastic clients, all eager to learn about the promising prospects Arbor View has to offer.

Throughout the two-day event, attendees were presented with comprehensive information about the Arbor View project. This included its prime location, state-of-the-art amenities, and the strategic advantages of investing in Dubai’s real estate market. 



One of the key highlights that garnered significant interest was the attractive starting price of HKD 1,700,000, coupled with the impressive expected rental yield ranging from 8-10% per annum.

The Roadshow provided an engaging platform for clients to interact with representatives from Ellington Properties and the hosting agency partners. Detailed presentations, interactive Q&A sessions, and personalized consultations helped attendees gain a thorough understanding of the investment’s potential returns and the steps involved in acquiring property in Dubai.

By the end of the event, several clients had already made the decision to invest in Arbor View, reflecting the project’s strong appeal and the effectiveness of the Roadshow in communicating its value proposition. The positive response and substantial turnout at the event underscore the growing interest among Hong Kong investors in Dubai’s real estate market and the confidence they have in Ellington Properties’ developments.

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Overall, the Roadshow was a resounding success, laying a solid foundation for future collaborations and investments between Hong Kong clients and Ellington Properties. The launch of Arbor View marks a significant milestone in expanding Ellington Properties’ reach and reinforcing its reputation as a developer of premium real estate projects.